We are in the business of making great headsets and accessories for gamers, backed by our decades of experience in the Aviation, Medical, Military and Professional Audio market.

We take pride in community-building, supporting Esports Teams, Shout Casters and Content Creators while doing video podcasts to give the Gaming Community a regular voice and identity.

Our Beginning

For three decades, the ‘Intricon Professional Audio Devices Business Unit’ has been providing high end communication solutions to the military, public security, aviation, and professional audio industries, meeting extreme demands and stringent quality standards required.   In late 2020, the team felt it’s time to channel years of experience and expertise into producing high performance solutions for consumers, especially amidst the pandemic where people are required to work, study, and even entertain themselves within the confines of their homes, which inevitably puts immense strain on the very social fabric of life.   One year later, IINVICTOR was born, raised specifically to connect people to people at work, in schools, in social circles and even in virtual platforms.

Our Motivation

Social restrictions have undeniably escalated stress to unprecedented levels, driving people to seek momentary escapes from the isolation and pressures of each day. E-Gaming stood up as a popular choice, as it provides that much needed break by transporting people into virtual worlds of fun and entertainment without even leaving their homes.


Team IINVICTOR proceeds to do what they do best – by providing that connection in the form of an E-Gaming headset.  But this time, they want it to be a good experience as well, because E-Gaming is an emotional experience.  Thus, how the headset looks, feels and sounds must conjure up good emotions, such that when one dons the headset, they don’t want to take it off, but when they do, they look forward to the next time to put it on again. It’s almost like a love relationship.

Research & Development

The headset must be effective in communicating the game’s little sound details and nuances that determines whether you end up victorious or vanquished in each game.  It must strike a right balance between clarity, spatial depth and frequency spectrum, an insurmountable feat as users will have very diverse sound preferences.  To complicate matters, users may use it for music, work meetings and online lessons, applications that conflict on acoustic requirements. Alas, an unrealistic Herculean task indeed.

Nonetheless, with unwavering perseverance, the team researched and worked tirelessly, consulting with experts in different fields. Then came the final challenge – Cost. Making a quality product and making it affordable for every person, now that’s a tall order.

Our Journey

Not giving up, the team pressed on until they arrived with the final version – the SOTURI, a high quality but affordable headset. The team fought the good fight and emerged victorious, thus the model’s name which literally means “Warrior”. And it is this very same warrior spirit that Team IINVICTOR wishes to instil in all users of the SOTURI. So, rise up, and BE INVINCIBLE!

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