“That’s a lot of kit in a package… enhanced clarity in the vocal range… ideal for noisy WFH and gaming enviroments”
Tat Tong
Grammy Nominated Producer | Artist
“Light Weight… Pretty Comfortable… Impressed by it’s overall Sonic Transparency… Crystal Clear Highs”
Greg Tan
Music Producer | Game Music Composer
“I could take on long hours of WFH Calls and immediately switch to screaming at my teammates in a league of legend match and this bad boy can still keep up… ”
Evan Low
Music Producer | Sound Designer | Avid Gamer
“The perfect all rounder headset… Cover all your WFH needs as well as after hours gaming… ”
Bottomless Geek
Tech Reviewer | Sound Designer | Avid Gamer
“For someone with notoriously large and sweaty head, the Soturi sat comfortably for long sessions while still providing a solid seal for passive isolation… Punchy and defined low end suit my taste ”
Videographer | Sound Engineer | Avid Gamer
“If only having the best gaming gear automatically grants you wins… ”
Brand Marketer | Influencer
“Used for Zoom Meetings… No more straining my ears… Was told I sounded much better… My kids tried to steal this away… They can hear every movement or bullets coming their way… ”
Celestia Faith Chong
Media Host | Brand Marketer | Mother
“Very Light and Comfortable… Girls might like this… Spatial Awareness is very good”
Joyce Gim
Music Producer | Sound Designer
“So comfy and light… You totally can wear this to game for hourssssss, or days if you can game that long…”
Karyn Wong
Singer | Host | Radio DJ | Actress
“The thing I’m sold on was the Spatial Awareness that this headset has. Precise panning and I foresee myself using this to crush those noobs…”
Musician | Tiktoker | Tech Reviewer | Gamer
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