Soturi, our first gaming headset
is based on Military Inspired Design.
Soturi meaning "Warrior" in Finnish,
Inspires you to Battle victoriously.


With a weight of just 295G and a mere clamping force of 350g, the Soturi is designed for long hours of comfortable gameplay with ergonomic headband and earpads

Spatial awareness

Getting killed every step Coz you can't detect your opponent? Introducing our passive spatial awareness Technology that allows you to hear every Footstep and Bullet in pin point accuracy

V-Command Mic

Vocal Clarity with Broadcast Richness Makes Communication and Game Casting a Breeze
Transporter DSP USB Soundcard

Award winning DSP integrated into
Our usb soundcard with 3 audio modes:

Blue - Balanced Audio
Green – Enhanced Clarity
Red – Enhanced Bass

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