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Singapore E-Gaming Headset Company sponsors local Gaming Tournament E-Delta League

IINVICTOR is glad to announce the sponsorship of E-Delta League as the Official Headset.

A youth engagement programme aimed at keeping secondary school level youths meaningfully occupied during the June and December school holidays. The program helps youths raise awareness on crime prevention matters and better safeguard themselves from crimes and criminalities.

Through the twice-yearly tournament and customised programmes – such as police mentoring and community involvement – the league promotes diligence, teamwork and discipline. It is now in its 11th year and the popularity amongst youths keeps soaring! Because of Covid restrictions, the organisers adjusted the Delta League to a virtual platform, creating the E-Delta League, a 5v5 Mobile Legends Tournament with Open and National Category.

Soturi 8Apart from Cash and Game Diamonds, the winners of each category will walk home each with a set of IINVICTOR Soturi E-Gaming Headset worth SGD 138.

There will also be a giveaway | lucky draw and viewers and participants to stand a chance to win the IINVICTOR Soturi E-Gaming Headset.


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