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IINVICTOR’s new gaming headset delivers premium audio with comfortable all-day wear

When it comes to gaming headset, great audio and comfort are essential. IINVICTOR’s new Soturi Headset delivers on both fronts, offering Spatial Awareness with Pinpoint Accurate Audio and Comfort-Lite for an extremely comfortable all-day wear.

The superior sound of the Soturi is created by Audiophile Standard 50mm drivers, providing premium audio at the range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The drivers are specially tuned to provide Spatial Awareness, an immersive audio experience to let you hear objects with pinpoint accuracy. Gone are the days where you can’t hear your opponent. With the Soturi, now you can.

The Soturi is IINVICTOR’s first gaming headset, offering superb audio experience and comfort at an affordable pricing of USD 99

With headsets used by both Gamers and Non-Gamers for extended wear, comfort is now a compulsory essential. With Comfort-Lite Technology, the Soturi weights just 295g with a mere clamping force of 350g, making it one of the most comfortable headset in it’s class.

Recognizing the importance of communication in work, education, social and games, the Soturi comes equipped with V-Command, a detachable microphone that provides vocal clarity with broadcast richness that makes communication a breeze.

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V-Command Microphone makes Game Casting, Zoom Meetings, Home Base Learning and Content Creation a breeze with clear speech and rich vocals

The Soturi is compatible directly with phones and computers via a TRRS 3.5mm connector but you can upgrade your audio with the included Transporter USB Soundcard with Award Winning DSP integration, providing 3 modes of Audio tuning, Blue for Balanced, Red for Enhanced Bass and Green for Enhanced clarity.

Lastly, each Soturi comes with an elegant headphone display stand and a drawstring bag to protect your headphone.

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The Soturi is available in White from 10 November 2021 for the MAP of USD 99.


Born specifically to connect people to people at work, in schools, social circles and virtual platforms,

IINVICTOR is a brand that focus on converting our decades of experience making Pro-Audio and Military headset devices into products for gamers and lifestyle. Say no to substitutes and get the real thing to experience. Be Invincible!

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