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After 3 decades of making Professional Audio and Military headsets, Intricon Pte Ltd, the Singapore regional office of Intricon Corporation (known as the Joint Development Manufacturer in Micro Medical Technology), has launched IINVICTOR, a brand that focuses on connecting people to people at work, in schools, social circles and virtual platforms.

Soturi, the first military inspired gaming headset developed by IINVICTOR in Singapore, is equipped with Spatial Awareness Technology for Pinpoint Accuracy and V-Command Detachable Microphone that delivers Broadcast Richness and Clarity. Its design also emphasises on comfort and durability, qualities highly essential for long game plays.

“Although there are many competitions in this market, we believe our decades of experience in making medical and military products will help us provide a delightful gaming experience. Our products are benchmarked and developed to industry standards for the ultimate user experience and customer satisfaction.”
– Winson Chan, GM / MD of Intricon Pte Ltd

“Although it’s a new brand, IINVICTOR is backed by years of heritage and technical expertise that makes them different from the rest. They fully capitalize their experience as a professional equipment manufacturer in developing consumer products. You will feel the difference in their quality.”
– Hoe Yeegn Lougn, Director of Sales, City Music Co Pte Ltd (Master Distributor for IINVICTOR)

“IINVICTOR might be new, but they had gotten it right from the start. Focusing on USP required by gamers like Comfort-Lite for prolong gameplays and Spatial Awareness for detail audio accuracy makes gaming a joy again. Their rich expertise in manufacturing has shown, especially in their headband design, crafting it out of light weight composite plastic that survives durability stress testing of bending it 5000 times.
– Hoe Hsin Loong, Director of Marketing, City Music Co Pte Ltd (Master Distributor for IINVICTOR)

IINVICTOR products will be distributed exclusively by City Music in Singapore, Malaysia,

Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

Team IINVICTOR and City Music getting ready to launch the headsets


Born specifically to connect people to people at work, in schools, social circles and virtual platforms,

IINVICTOR is a brand that focus on converting our decades of experience making Pro-Audio and Military headset devices into products for gamers and lifestyle. Say no to substitutes and get the real thing to experience. Be Invincible!

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